Izakaya Kobito Blog!


I made a sign for the Niseko Izakaya Kobito!

✨☺ Miracle of the Third Year ✨✨ Izakaya Kobito. . . In the third year I finally got a sign outside (lol) It was pretty gorgeous, so everyone's would pay attention! as if. . . It seems to be renewed opening of Izakaya Kobito! ! ! So, if you visit us. . . we will give you a free smile ️ 🎵 However. . . Because we have not set up light yet. So at night, it is still dark (lol) But the Izakaya store is open! ! ! Please keep it as under power saving (lol) ☺ ※ Notice ※ Nature on the window is very beautiful as expected, Niseko During the evening business hours, there is a free pick-up service so please contact us 🍀


Introducing Niseko Izakaya's cuisine!

It's already September, is't it? Today Niseko unfortunately rainy pattern It was sunny in the morning! ! I will introduce the dish of Izakaya Kobito again. From the top of the photo 🐟 Reijima's Hokke 🐟 The fat is thick and it is very very delicious! ! Rebun Island specialty Gisuko 🐣 It is what made soy sauce eggs of fish called goldfish. Grains are smaller than taraco and bubble wrap is delicious. It also goes to sake rice and white rice! 🍠Potato fries from Niseko ~ Cheese gravy sauce ~ 🍠 The potatoes of Hokkaido Niseko are really delicious! ! Beef sauce on top of fried potatoes, stir-frying cheese and sprinkle hotly ☺ Scallop butter from Hokkaido This is also very popular! ! I baked the scallops of the local specialties with soy sauce butter on charcoal fire! There are still recommended menus. . . Today is around here. We have lots of munu in Niseko Izakaya Kobito, so our customers take time to pick food and drinks lol Ramen noodles. Yakitori 🐔. Hokkaido food ingredients 🐟. From sushi to sweets There is everything! ! That is Izakaya Kobito! ! ! You can always find what you want to eat when you come to Niseko Izakaya Kobito. In the evening there is a free pick-up service so please inquire 🍀


When Niseko Ryugaku Please come to Niseko Izakaya Kobito

🗻Study abroad at Niseko 🗻 Recently the word "study abroad Niseko" hear sometimes✨ While staying in Japan as its name as opposed to abroad like environment to interact with foreigners Experience and experience extraordinarily! Just study abroad! ! ! Foreigners gather for Niseko in winter seeking powder snow from all over the world ☺ From many countries such as Australia. America. Canada. Korea. China. Hong Kong. Thailand. Europe. . . etc. . . About 70% of winter guests are foreigners indeed even in Niseko Izakaya Kobito! ! Therefore, English and other countries' languages can hear everyday! If you go to the slopes, like "Is this Japan? What? " In lift and gondola, foreigners will speak brightly. There are some places that staffs are only foreigners, but they do not understand Japanese! ! It happens some places 😁 What I learned from studying abroad in the past is that studying and encountering and experiencing with people, not school, are the most important! ! ! I will not become friends first in the city! I can not meet! There are a lot of encounters with people in Niseko ☺ In an everyday life exciting experiences that will never be experienced come to Niseko as normal! ! Why do not you work together in Niseko? ! What? ! What? ! We are looking for part-time winter part-time workers in the dwarfs For details please inquire 🍀 Dormitory complete! I will consult with the period etc! You can choose a store too ☺ I can slide from the morning and it is an Izakaya byte from the evening ❤! Let's take a new step! You studied at Niseko! !


Izakaya dessert drink

Izakaya's new drinks 🍓 Ichigo Milk Float tomato milk float Blueberry Milk Float These drinks join a member of Niseko Izakaya Kobito sweet ✨ Anyway it's sweet and mellow ♪ You can enjoy after a meal - 😻? I picked those drninks because I like those drinks. 🐱 ❤ We are offering free pick up to neighboring hotels and residents nearby. For details please contact us 🍀


Niseko Izakaya Kobito's Ramen!

Niseko Izakaya Kobito lunch has a great set menu 🍀 The most popular ramen and mini skewered meat roasted rice bowl ¥ 1000 Cheap - ー 🍜 You can do various topping on it! There are secret Izakaya menu in the evening. There should be something you want to eat, such as yakitori and sushi! Of course it's okay with only ramen. ❤ ❤ I only have a free shuttle to the neighboring hotel etc. at night ☺ ❤