Izakaya Kobito

Izakaya Kobito mainly provide Niseko’s local food as Izakaya food.
We provide a variety of local foods such as Hokkaido Niseko’s potetos and local Sake, Hokkaido Reibun fish (Hokke) and so on.
This Niseko izakaya is where you can enjoy Hokkaido.

we have a free pick-up service around Niseko town, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Izakaya Kobito's 3 features

Izakaya Kobito Point 1

Hokkaido Niseko's fresh food!

In Izakaya Kobito, we use fresh local ingredients from Niseko, Hokkaido. We prepare Special Ramen with local ingredients, local Potato dishes, Seafood dishes and so on.

Izakaya Kobito Point 2

A free pick up around Niseko!

We have a free pick-up service so that many people can come to Izakaya Kobito and Have fun!. ※ We are group limited to drink alcohol. (Even one person is OK!)

Izakaya Kobito Point 3

Various customers visit Izakaya Kobito

Izakaya Kobito have a friendly service in mind. It is a Niseko Izakaya pub that has been loved not only by domestic customers, but also by overseas customers!